Student IDs and Building Access

Dear Students,

Campus police has asked us to remind you of a few important safety rules.  These policies exist for our safety and theirs.

  • Students must have a student ID whenever in the building.
  • You MAY NOT prop open the back door, even if you are only going outside to smoke.  You can reenter the building by the door at the back of the student lounge.
  • Students coming in groups should all have student IDs available and visible for security.  We don’t always have the same police officers here on weekends and at night, and they don’t know whether you are a student or not if you don’t show your ID.  Please hold up your ID to show it to them even if you don’t always swipe it when you come in with other students.
  • Don’t open the door for anyone you don’t know is a student.   Direct those who don’t have IDs to enter through the front doors and check in with security.
  • If you bring a visitor with you, escort the visitor immediately to the security desk so they can sign the visitor log.

Dean Aden


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