Student Bar Association 2021-2022 General Election

 1Ls and 2Ls: The Student Bar Association is preparing to begin the elections for President, Vice President, the Executive Board, and Bar Governors. Please carefully read the following information. All elections will be held on TigerZone on the following dates:
1. SBA President and Vice President Elections will be held from March 11-March 16, 2021.
2. The Executive Board Elections will take place from March 18- March 23, 2021 for the following positions:
  • Director of Events
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Bar Associations Representative/Election Commissioner
  • Community Service Liaison
3. SBA 2L and 3L Bar Governor Elections will be held from March 25- March 30, 2021.
You must comply with the 2021 SBA Election Rules to be eligible to run in the election. For information about the Student Bar Association in general or the responsibilities of a specific position, please consult the SBA Constitution.
Per the election rules, all potential candidates must submit an Authorization of Grade Disclosure form, a written statement of interests, and fulfill an initial signature requirement.
In light of the covid-19 pandemic, the signature requirement will be virtual and met by having students sign for candidates by using Outlook forms. This initial signature requirement is not a vote for the candidate, but rather a threshold requirement that each SBA candidate must attain to enter the election.
The form should be shared by potential candidates and filled out by current students. On the form, students may select candidates that the student feels are fit to run, encouraging and supporting their classmates as they enter the election!
Please read the above linked rules and election documents carefully, all of which are provided for easy download on the SBA TWEN page under SBA Materials > Election Documents > SBA General Election 2021.
Should you have any questions please reach out to the Election Commissioner Alexxas Johnson, or President Rachel Jackson,

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