***2L: Graduation Checklist Workship (Optional)***

Wednesday, November 5.


Room 244.

I have gotten feedback from 2Ls who helped with the test run that the Checklist was helpful for planning for Graduation as well as for Spring Registration. I have also received requests from other 2Ls who want to use it for those same reasons. If you would like to utilize this tool for your own planning, and in time to make it useful for Spring Registration, come to Room 244, on Wednesday, November 5.

You will need a copy of your transcript and a computer with internet access. This takes approximately 15 minutes.

Email me if you want to participate so I can send you the link. jmagdvtz@memphis.edu

*You are not required to attend the meeting in order to use the Checklist. I can send you the link and you can complete it on your own time. The “meeting” portion of this exercise will be helpful in case you have any questions about the regulations as worded on the Checklist and/or about your specific situation. Additionally, I will talk with you briefly about how to use the Checklist and some key problems area to watch out for as you assess your progress with this tool.

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