PAD Third Annual “CANNED IMMUNITY” Monday Nov. 3rd & Tuesday Nov. 4th


As the Thanksgiving Holiday approaches, Phi Alpha Delta would like to continue providing support to the Mid-South Food Bank through the University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law. Last year, we experienced an unprecedented level of participation from the student body that allowed for over 300+ pounds of cans to be donated to the Mid-South Food Bank. This high level of participation was a direct result of Professors being willing to use their classrooms as a means for supporting the philanthropic event “Canned Immunity.” The concept of Canned Immunity is as follows:

  • A student brings a can(s) of food to the class of a supporting Professor.
  • By placing the can(s) in front of their computer or book, the student receives immunity from being called on during that class period.
    • Collection Boxes will be placed in 244, 226, 325, & 326. Also, you can drop off cans in the P.A.D. office located by the lockers in room 60
  • However, there is an EXCEPTION to this! The Professor can proffer their own can in order to erase that student’s immunity. (For every can a student has, a Professor must give an equal amount of cans to remove the student’s immunity)

Participating Professors:

  • Schaffzin
  • Kiel
  • Smith
  • Mulroy
  • Newman
  • Bock
  • Brashier
  • Jacobson
  • Latta

Joshua Asplund
Justice, Phi Alpha Delta – McKellar Chapter

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