Wills & Estates Online Course Available for Transfer Credit

Memphis Law has arranged with the University of Mississippi School of Law to allow eligible students to enroll in the University of Mississippi’s Wills & Estates course this summer at our own in-state tuition rate ($2,727 for the 3-credit course).

The Wills & Estates course at the University of Mississippi School of Law covers execution, revocation, construction, and probate of wills and the administration of trusts and estates.  The course will be offered online as a 3-credit course.  It begins May 27, 2020, and continues through July 28, 2020.  Please refer to the University of Mississippi School of Law Summer 2020 Course Schedule for more information.  The course number is Law 516.

This course is eligible for transfer credit pursuant to Academic Regulations 16.5 and 17.  To receive transfer credit for this course, you must receive permission before enrolling in the course.  If your request is approved and you meet the requirements for transfer credit as set forth in the Academic Regulations, the course will fulfill one of the course requirements for the Practice Foundation menu.  If you have already received credit for Decedents’ Estates, you may not receive transfer credit for the Wills & Estates course.  If you receive transfer credit for the Wills & Estates course, you will be precluded from taking Decedents’ Estates.

Interested students should:

  1. Request permission to enroll in the course for transfer credit using the form available here.
  2. Contact DebraAnn Brown to let her know your intentions for financial aid.
  3. Complete the University of Mississippi’s Transfer and Visiting Student Application available here.

If you have any questions, please contact Dean Wilson.

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