Stressed Out???

Are you stressed out from Law School? Do you have too many things to do with too little time to do them in?  Do you also have responsibilities from home, family, and work, as well as school?  Do you find yourself constantly multi-tasking?  Are you tempted to cope in unhealthy ways (i.e. going to Bardog before, after, AND during every class, yelling at your professor, punching a classmate, burning your textbooks…)?

There is a solution!

The Law School graciously welcomes Senior Circuit Court Judge, Hon. Judge Robert L. Childers on Thursday, April 14th during the noon hour in Wade for a presentation on Mindfulness and the Law. Mindfulness brings in a new set of skills that can provide the ability to improve wellbeing, improve physical health, and improve mental health as well.  The techniques and theories involved help reduce stress, improve sleep, increase overall happiness, and help you to handle those moments that you would really like to just run away screaming.  With the end of the school year approaching and those dreaded exams (MBE anyone?) looming, we encourage all to attend.  (As a plus, this would be a great opportunity to meet a Memphis Law Alum that has been practicing law for 40+ years and has been a sitting judge in Division Nine for more than half of that!)


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