1Ls & 2Ls: Apply for a Board Position with AWA! (No GPA/application requirement)

AWA is in need of new board members for the coming school year! We have 7 positions available: President, VP, Secretary, Treasurer, Professional Liaison, In-School Liaison, and Communications Chair.  Find the requirements for each position on the AWA TWEN page or talk to our current board members if you have any questions. If you are applying for a position, email jrwrshsk@memphis.edu with your interest statements by January 6th at midnight.

*We ask that the communications chair be a person who is experienced with social media, Powerpoint, digital design, and/or Canva. Also must be someone who is willing to advertise the organization on all social media sites consistently and recruit new members at events.

*For the professional liaison, make sure you have availability after 5 PM on weekday nights (may conflict with some classes or moot court competitions).

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