Safety and Security Policies

Dear Students:

Please review and abide by the following safety and security policies from Officer Bowie and University Police Services.

Dean Aden


Safety and Security Concerns

  1. Escorts for students is available evenings and nights, please come to the front desk and see the Officer on Duty.
  2. All levels of students must wear IDs.
  3. Do not prop open any of the outside doors.
  4. All outside non-student/visitors must sign in at the front desk.


  1. No student parking anytime: Southside Reserve Spaces 1 – 15   AND  2  Reserve spaces on Northside Deans’ Visitors.
  2. No parking in the Faculty/Staff reserved spaces on Court Avenue.

Designated Smoking Area

  1. The Patio on the northwest corner of the building is the ONLY University designated area.
  2. Off Limits/ NO SMOKING areas that have been a problem:  A – The Front Steps and Sitting Area (including near the Clinic Doors).  B – The two second floor patio areas.


The Safety and Security of the LAW SCHOOL is everyone’s’ JOB.  If you see something wrong, call us at the Front Desk 678-4075.

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