If you are attending summer classes, please report positive COVID-19 tests, potential COVID-19 exposures, and COVID-19 symptoms to the law school using this form Memphis Law COVID-19 Exposure Reporting Form.  Please bookmark this link so that you can easily find it if and when you need it.  

 After completing the form, you will receive guidance on whether you may attend classes.  If your submission indicates that you should quarantine or isolate per CDC Guidance, we will notify your professor(s) that you are not able to attend for the specified period.  We will also notify the Law School’s IT team so that they can provide you with access to class recordings, where possible.   (At their discretion, professors may permit you to participate in or observe class by Zoom.)

Please do not come to campus if you are sick, even if you do not have reason to believe you have COVID.  COVID-19 presents with a range of symptoms.  The Student Health Center is available to all University of Memphis students at no additional cost.  The Student Health Center provides a range of medical care, including testing for COVID and other illnesses.  You can make an appointment with the Student Health Center using the MyPatient Portal.

The University provides free COVID-19 testing for students through the Student Health Center (rapid antigen testing with an appointment) and the COVID-19 Testing Center (PCR Testing, walk-up during open hours).  You can find more information about testing on campus here.  (Note that the COVID-19 Testing Center, providing PCR Testing, will be located at the Student Health Center for the summer.)  Of course, testing is also available through other sources.  More information about Community COVID-19 Testing Sites is available from the Shelby County Health Department.  Free at-home test kits are also available; click here to order your free at-home tests.

Please contact Dean Aden or Dean Wilson if you have any other questions.

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