In connection with the upcoming Drafting Success seminar, the Law School has acquired a one-year license for BriefCatch, an editing tool developed by Ross Guberman.  You can learn more at  It scans your legal writing and suggests edits to make it clearer and punchier, as well as scoring the document on metrics like “Reader Engagement” and “Flow and Cohesion.”  BriefCatch operates as a Microsoft Word plug-in on PCs.  (It is not compatible with the Mac version of Word.)

Here’s how to access BriefCatch:

  1. First, to register and access the software, visit this site.
  2. After you have registered, close all programs you have running, especially Microsoft Office programs such as Outlook (email), Word, or Excel.
  3. Visit the download site.
  4. Download the “Enterprise License” and the “BriefCatchInstaller.exe” and save both of them to the same folder (perhaps a folder on your desktop).
  5. You may also want to download “AttorneyToolkit.pdf” from the same site; it offers helpful tips.
  6. Select “open file” for the “BriefCatchInstaller.exe” file, and it will add BriefCatch to your Microsoft Word program.  You’ll be prompted to open Word, and you can select OK/Yes.  You’ll then see BriefCatch there next time you open Word.  (More specifically, you’ll see it along the top of Word, on the same level as the File menu, just to the right of “Help.”)

In Microsoft Word, click on the “BriefCatch” tab at the top.  Choose “About,” click on “Install license,” and then select the Enterprise License file you downloaded.  You should then see a message that says “Your license was successfully imported.”  You are now ready to use BriefCatch!

If you run into technical trouble send a message to .  LaVaire Lockhart and Andrew Hughes will be available to help with troubleshooting issues.

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