1Ls: Reminder – Mandatory Small Section Advising Sessions Monday

Dear 1Ls:

On Monday, March 28, all 1Ls will attend a mandatory small section academic advising workshop.  For full-time students, this session will take place during your usual large section Legal Methods class time.  We have scheduled a separate session for part-time students at 12:05.  If you are a part-time student and can’t attend the 12:05 session, you are welcome to attend one of the sessions during your regularly scheduled Legal Methods class time.

You have been divided into groups and assigned to a classroom, where Dean Mulroy, Jamie Johnson, or Dean Aden will meet with you to answer questions and provide additional information about registration, class selection, academic requirements, etc.  This meeting is mandatory for all 1L students.  Please contact Dean Aden immediately if you have an unavoidable conflict.

Please see your room and advisor assignments below.

Small Section 1L Academic Advising Schedule

Dean Aden

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